Developed over many years with the help of experts, the Bracy’s Catalog is a resource for our customers and theirs. Loaded with photos and illustrations, it is much more than detailed plant descriptions in text and summary tables. In addition to all of that, there are sections that address many frequently asked questions (FAQs). Watering, fertilizing, pruning and insect & disease control top the list. Then we cover broader concepts such as landscape basics, planning an orchard, and pollination … just to name a few.

Bracy’s Catalog is a reference tool. Our customers use it to help train their staff members and to inspire their customers with visions of what they can create with the right Bracy’s plants, a little knowhow and their support. Either way, it is an invaluable resource.

Feel free to download the Bracy’s catalog as a PDF and print a copy, or contact Customer Service and we will mail you a copy.