Simplify Selling

Bracy's Simplifies Selling

The right plants in the right display are hard to keep on the shelf. Bracy's grows all the right plants including the most 'in demand' brands. We offer more than 650 varieties in sizes ranging from 4” to 45 gallons for over 1,000 individual products. You'll find what your customers are looking for.

Bracy's only ships #1 grade, retail-quality plants that look so good they practically sell themselves. To make them irresistible, each comes with an informative, full-color picture tag that show it the peak of its attractiveness. They bear complete cultural information and act as silent salesmen to help your busy staff.

To eliminate confusion and speed your customers through the checkout, have Bracy's pre-price your plant order. We'll put your name, your retails, and your UPCs or SKUs on each and every plant tag at no additional charge. Your customers, your bookkeeper and your inventory manager will thank you.

Even the best products sales will languish if they are not merchandised properly. Let your Bracy's Sales Consultant assist you. They have years of experience helping garden center operators grow their businesses. Your operation is unique, but they visit hundreds like it every month. They know what works and what consumers respond to. Put their experience to work for you.

Pre-priced tag example