First Editions®

First Editions

Gardeners love color. Keep it fresh with First Editions® plants grown by Bracy’s Nursery. First Editions® is a premium collection of shrubs, trees, evergreens, vines and perennials that have been carefully Selected For Success™. Each program plant is chosen for uniqueness, beauty and its ability to add color to the garden.The program managers work with breeders and plant introducers from around the world to identify the most remarkable new varieties. After rigorous testing, the ones that pass are launched exclusively through Independent Garden Centers for the first year.

First Editions® is managed by the same group that brought us Endless Summer® hydrangeas. Their ability to create effective marketing programs that reach the target audience is proven. The program’s attractive packaging, national advertising and dynamic point of purchase materials create higher perceived value and strong impulse sales. The plants’ features and performance create brand loyalty and repeat sales.

First Editions® is the right growth opportunity.

These premiere color shrubs are easy to grow, ready to sell and destined for success!