Bracy’s Backyard Oasis

Don’t Let Drought Dry Up Your Sales!

Despite dry conditions and watering restrictions, people want beautiful plants. Give them the confidence to plant again.

The Bracy's Backyard Oasis, Drought Tolerant Plant line is the answer. Oasis Plants are a broad palette of proven, drought tolerant varieties that require little or no supplemental irrigation once established. Gardeners can be assured that these plants will survive under dry conditions and add beauty to their landscapes.

Each drought tolerant plant bears the compelling Oasis tag so your customers will recognize them as part of the collection. Oasis plants are often grouped together with the display being set off by the attractive 22” x 28” Marquis Poster. Many retailers position the Plant Smart poster nearby or close to the checkout so customers can read its useful tips.

6' x 2' Banner
22” x 28” Marquis Poster
Tag Front
Informative Poster
Tag Back
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