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Sell the Benefits

Create Demand

…Sell the Benefits

Introducing Bracy’s Sell the Benefits!

Demand Creation Package.

In-store displays that show customers the

great things plants and landscaping do for us.

Most people see plants as luxury items
that they can live without.

We need to change that!


House Sold

Bracy’s wants to help you help your
appreciate plants for all they do and convince them that
they are essential in their live

Attractive Storefront 

Plants Do What? 

Healthy Kids 

When your customers
see these pieces
in your displays they
will immediately recognize that
plants offer real-life,
tangible benefits
that go far beyond esthetics.

Shaded House 

They will see that plants
are not a luxury...

They are a  necessity!


All pieces measure 36” H x 24” W. Weather-resistant Corflute in full-color.

Double-sided with grommets.

The 5-piece Sell the Benefits! package

is available now for $150.00.

Contact your Bracy’s Sales Consultant or

Customer service at 800-899-4716

to arrange delivery.


Save $150.

Receive just $3,500 worth of Bracy’s plants before

November 30, 2014 and Bracy’s will credit the full $150.00

purchase price to your next order.


Sell the Benefits

and Create Demand for your products




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